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Thailand Water Supply System


  1. Ian Burton
  2. Amanda Feeley
  3. Jayme Lynch

Advisor: M. Horst

The village of Nong Pit in the Phrao district of Thailand does not have a sufficient water supply during the dry months of the year (February-April). They requested a piping system to move water from a small waterfall in a nearby stream into a set of tanks above the village. The water will be distributed to the town as needed for all purposes other than drinking. Surveying data of the path, the stream cross section and flow were gathered during site reconnaissance to determine design constraints. The distance from the proposed source to the desired storage tank location was found to be 1880.7 meters with a change in elevation of 2.51 meters. The flow through a weir on the stream during low flow conditions was found to be 1.17 cubic meters per second which needs to fill a capacity of 64.5 cubic meters per day. The gravity fed piping design will utilize 3 inch diameter pipe and will fill the tanks in 12 hours at a change in elevation of 3.4 meters. A second design alternative was considered which utilizes a turbine located at the bottom of the 4 meter waterfall. This would produce 3 kilowatts of electricity which would subsequently be used to power a pump. The pump will add enough energy to move water from the stream to the tanks and provide a corresponding fill time of 8.7 hours. The storage tanks will be composed of four concrete rings stacked together. Each ring has a volume of 0.565 cubic meters thus requiring 29 tanks to hold the required amount of water. A looped piping system was also designed which will distribute the water from the tanks to various outlet points located throughout the village. Due to the high cost of the turbine and pump system, the gravity fed piping system will be implemented in May by TCNJ-Engineering students.

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