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Civil Engineering Fall 2023 Dean’s List


The list below indicates the Department of Civil Engineering students whose outstanding academic achievement has placed them on the Dean’s List. This list includes only students who have authorized the release of information in accordance with the provisions of FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

Fall 2023 Dean’s List

(Department of Civil Engineering)

Rachel Alecci
Mackenzie Bosland
Andrew Byrne
David Cardenas
Giovanni Charles
Jack Davis
Olivier Duverneau
Anthony Giorgi
Matthew Harbison
Zach Hochheiser
Steven Ioannidis
Navdeep Khaira
Mary Koch
Jake Kozlosky
Dora Krstic
Rebecca Kunz
Sarah Laubsch
Allison Lavin
Jayson Lewis
John Lombardelli
Christopher Marroquin
Ethan Moyer
Matthew Nagy
Emily Oberman
Rhea Olmedo
Kevin O’neill
Zachary Pacenza
Matthew Palermo
Timothy Pappas
Joseph Ricciani
Joshua Romero
Andrew Sawchuk
Daniel Schiariti
Jillian Stanton
Erin Swierczyna
Robert Szargowicz
Jasmyn Watson
Lindsey Yau
Peyton Young
Muhammad Zahid

“All degree candidates who complete 3 or more course units [=12 credits] (other than additive credits) in a semester with assigned letter grades and who have earned a 3.5 GPA that semester are eligible to be included in that semester’s Dean’s List. Pass (P) is not an assigned letter grade and may not be used toward meeting the requirements for the Dean’s List.”