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Research Tuesdays Seminar – October 2021


Research Tuesdays

Evaluating Congestion Impact On Share Mobility Programs Using Plug-in Electric Vehicles In Underserved Communities

 Tuesday, October 19th, 2021, 12:30 – 1:30 pm

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Headshot of Dr. Thomas Brennan

Technical Seminar Credit Available for ENG 09X Courses

Dr. Thomas Brennan and his team are working with a number of entities throughout New Jersey that include NJBPU, NJBPU’s PEV stakeholder group, electric utility companies, local government agencies, and underserved community organizations. TCNJ’s role in the project is to evaluate the transportation challenges related to shared car models specific to PEVs and PEV charging station placement.  These challenges include the evaluation of existing multi-modal transportation options (bike, bus, scooter, walk, car, etc…), transit routes, shared floating car options (Uber/Lyft) as well as local and regional traffic congestion performance metrics. The study is currently focused on Washington Township, NJ. The primary objectives of this project are three-fold: 1) How does traffic congestion impact the placement and/or selection of a particular shared vehicle model related to underserved communities, 2) develop new performance metrics related to congestion that can be employed by a weighted Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) applied to multiple shared model types, and 3) to develop a comprehensive map that identifies areas within Washington Township where fixed PEV charging station and/or alternative shared models can be supported.