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Civil Engineering Spring 2021 Dean’s List

The list below indicates the Department of Civil Engineering students whose outstanding academic achievement has placed them on the Dean’s List. This list includes only students who have authorized the release of information in accordance with the provisions of FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

Spring 2021 Dean’s List

(Department of Civil Engineering)

Liam Abujawdeh Sean Glynn
Matthew Palermo
Muhammad Abd Afridi Evan Grzeskiewicz
Nicole Portington
Andrew Agresto Rachel Hannah
Bryan Remache-Patino
Michelle Andrascik Zachary Hauptman
Sean Rhatican
Matthew Basile Sean Healy
Charlotte Roarty
Gregory Bishop Steven Hippauf
Paige Rocco
Mackenzie Bosland Cristian Huertas
Joshua Romero
Sean Cavalieri Hunter Kelly
Anthony Santasiero
Matthew Chaber Dora Krstic
Shivani Savalia
Daniel Comeau Alec Kuncken
Nicholas Scalafani
Hayley Conway Jack Lacina
Owen Soler
Connor Conyngham Isabella Lamboy
Jillian Stanton
Anthony Cooper Madison Lenz
Amanda Stephenson
Elias Dimarhos Yamir Levin
Julie Stone
Frank Donato Yariel Levin
Erin Swierczyna
Rachel Dultz John Lombardelli
Jake Sylvester
Joseph Erskine John Lorusso
John Thompson
Mark Esposito Gerald Madden
Joseph Tomich
Austin Farnum Elizabeth McDonald
Bryce Totten
Patrick Fee Zachary Niethe
Joseph Wagner
Marc Giordan Ismael Nune
Sofia Zapata Echeverr


“All degree candidates who complete 3 or more course units [=12 credits] (other than additive credits) in a semester with assigned letter grades and who have earned a 3.5 GPA that semester are eligible to be included in that semester’s Dean’s List. Pass (P) is not an assigned letter grade and may not be used toward meeting the requirements for the Dean’s List.”