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Civil Engineering Professor Presents at Sustainable Transportation Systems Conference


TCNJ Civil Engineering professor Dr. Thomas Brennan presented at the 2020 IEEE Forum on Integrated and Sustainable Transportation System (FISTS), with Dr. Mohan Venigalla of George Mason University. Venigalla and Brennan are Co-Chief editors of the Journal of Modern Mobility Systems. Originally scheduled to take place in Delft, Netherlands, the FISTS conference went ahead virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Screenshot of Dr. Thomas Brennan in a lab.


Titled Baseline Arterial Performance Evaluation And Signal System Management By Fusing High-resolution Data From Traffic Signal Systems And Probe Vehicles, Dr. Brennan’s presentation reviews how to leverage current data sources (cell phones, vehicle detectors, signal timing, probe vehicles, etc.) from existing infrastructure to create “a more data driven decision methodology that can be put in place to better manage roadway traffic. Although we cannot get rid of all congestion, we can improve some areas by having a better understanding of how vehicles are moving through the system and the infrastructure reaction to those vehicles.”