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Dr. Brennan Featured in UTRC Fall Research Review

Dr. Brennan Featured in UTRC Fall Research Review

The School of Engineering is happy to announce that Dr. Thomas Brennan has been featured in The University Transportation Research Center’s (URTC) Fall 2017 Research Review as the publication’s faculty profile. The article highlights Dr. Brennan’s accomplishments in his education, career, and his contributions to engineering education. In addition to his Doctoral degree, which he received from Purdue University, Dr. Brennan earned a Master’s degree in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering from George Mason University. The article states that, “while at Purdue University, Dr. Brennan worked as a Senior Research Scientist for the Joint Transportation Research Program, collaborating with both Purdue University and the Indiana Department of Transportation. While at TCNJ, he has developed a transportation research program which has procured over $300,000 in grants for the undergraduate only school”. The article also mentions Dr. Brennan’s commitment to the TCNJ Mentored Undergraduate Experience Program, which he has participated in for the past three years. This valuable program allows Dr. Brennan to guide undergraduates through the process of conducting high level student research. The article states that  “one summer Dr. Brennan had 14 international students working on a summer project”. In addition to his academic and educational pursuits, the article lists Dr. Brennan’s career accomplishments such as two of his projects, titled “Characterizing Highway Corridor Length to Evaluate Travel Time Reliability Using Probe Vehicle Data” and “Incorporating Probe Vehicle Data to Analyze Evacuation Route Resiliency”.  Congratulations Dr. Brennan!

To read the full article on page 15, please click here

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