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Civil Engineering Minor

The Civil Engineering minor* is available to any student at The College of New Jersey and requires the completion of five courses (totaling five course units) as listed below. Non-engineering majors may be required to take additional courses for the minor in order to meet the prerequisite requirements.

Three (3) courses from the following list of fundamental courses:

CIV211 and CIV213** Surveying and CAD Laboratory
CIV251 Strength of Materials
CIV311 Structural Analysis
CIV331 Soil Mechanics
CIV333 and CIV371** Soil Mechanics Laboratory and Civil Engineering Materials
CIV361 Fluid Mechanics
CIV381 Environmental Engineering
ENG262 Dynamics
ENG 372 Engineering Economy

Two (2) courses from the following list of advanced courses:

CIV351 Structural Steel Design
CIV385 Hydraulic Engineering and Hydrology
CIV411 Transportation Engineering
CIV421 Reinforced Concrete
CIV431 Foundation Engineering
CIV451 Construction Management
The following civil engineering electives*** can be counted in this category:
CIV441 Structural Steel Design II
CIV431 Foundation Engineering II
CIV445 Water Resources Engineering
CIV446 Hydraulic Engineering Design
CIV461 Reinforced Concrete Design II
CIV471 Transportation Engineering II
CIV481 Structural Analysis II

*Note that only one course taken as a part of the student’s major may also be counted toward the student’s minor.
**Note that both classes must be taken to count as one course unit.
***Note that elective classes may not be offered every year.